The foundation helps dogs and cats and bears in Asia.

Stichting Save The Moonbears has been coming op for almost 15 years for the animals in Asia. The foundation supports and helps the bile bears in China and Vietnam and the dogs and cats in Asia. The foundation wants to be in the Netherlands to raise awareness of this horrific animal suffering and through fundraising and donations financial support to the relevant organizations. We help animals in need!


Except for bears (bile bears) in Asian countries promoting Foundation Save the Moonbears also for the dogs and cats in Asia and also in europe . Dogs are brutally stolen or stray animal caught and on barbaric way transported and slaughtered for consumption.

We support organizations that seek to change the situation in those countries. We do that by the Netherlands in awareness of these abuses and raise money for these mostly small organizations, which do a great job at the local level. Many dogs and cats are saved from dogs from abattoirs, markets, and many dogs mean of transport be intercepted. Hundreds of rescued animals are accommodated in reception centers, where they also get the necessary medical care. There is also consultation with local and national authorities to this vile trade. In addition, it should be the local population, in particular through the schools, respect, and love for animals. ALL THAT COSTS A LOT OF MONEY.

Our mission is:

To help as much as possible in the form of financial aid to deal with the often small foundations to enable the necessary care to accommodate the ├│nvoorstelbaar often horribly abused and tortured animals. Every month you will find on our website a project for which you can donate. We hope that you give generously because the emergency in Asia is very high! The animals count on you!

Over the years, we have saved many animals thanks to your support. Because without your support, we could not have made this possible. Please keep supporting the animals


Save The Moonbears Foundation/For A Better Life For Animals.

Stop the abuse and neglect of animals and support Foundation Save The Moonbears. Get involved and take a look at the website for more information and donate today! Donate by PayPal